Day 40: National Johnny Appleseed Day / Sept 26th

This assignment was ridiculously fun! I wanted to use an alternate medium to see what it would deliver so I decided to use real apples to paint with. For anyone who’s ever made potato prints it’s the same concept. What came out of it really surprised me and sparked a whole new wonder in mediums.
Sidenote: National Johnny Appleseed Day is celebrated in many elementary schools across the country. John Chapman (September 26, 1774 – March 18, 1845) was an American pioneer nurseryman who introduced apple trees to large parts of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois, including the northern counties of present day West Virginia. Nationally known as “Johnny Appleseed “ he was a settler that followed the movement and traveled west planting apple trees along the way. He would tell stories to the children and spread The New Church gospel to the adults, receiving in return, a floor to sleep on for the night. Because of his kindness, his generous ways, his leadership in conservation and the symbolic importance he attributed to apples, he became an American legend while he was still alive.   Art by Michele Bedigian, medium: sliced apples, acrylic paint and digital.
Exercise in Book: Earth Calendar, p 104/105



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