Day 1

Sketchbook Skool - Eddie Pena Day 1

As I went through the process of selecting objects at home, my memories attached with these objects made me excited to draw.  The jewelry box, which I recall researching arduously, is the first gift I bought for my daughter. In it she carefully stores jewelry, rocks, legos, and other favorite things. The xbox controller transports me to the moments I play lego video games with my son. I can hear my son and I exchanging phrases like, “oh! Yeah”, “take that!”, “how did you do that?”  The wine bottle is 12 years old. I vividly remember the evening when Dave Passalacqua made a toast to celebrate my wedding. The label contains the signatures and well wishes of all my dear friends present that evening.  The other items I grabbed to draw were my cell-phone, a heart shaped paper weight and a bamboo reed pen.
Art by Eddie Peña.
Exercise in Book: First Step, p 16/17



To celebrate the launch of Veronica Lawlor’s A Drawing A Day Sketchbook Skool klass, the studio 1482 members are doing the exercises from our book One Drawing A Day: A Six Week Course Exploring Creativity with Illustration and Mixed Media. Join us on Facebook!

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