Creative Carnival

Last week, Studio 1482 illustrators Margaret Hurst, Greg Betza, and I were invited to draw at the Workbook Creative Carnival at the Art Directors Club in New York. It was a great time – there were burlesque and carnival performers posing for us as we drew, and the drawings were auctioned off to benefit the ADC scholarship fund. Our friends from Havoc Media – Tony and Tom – were there drawing as well.

I donated many of my drawings to be sold, but not all – some I took home with me, like the one above. This particular lady was beautiful, and took some wonderful classic poses. I’ll be posting a few more of these drawings on my blog – as soon as I’m able to scan them all. The originals are about 18″ x 22″. Scanning is a royal pain!

Posted by Veronica Lawlor

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