Coquito! Coquito!

Coquito! Coquito!

Coconut Icy

Coconut Icy

Right underneath the subway the Coquito Man yells at the top of his lungs, “COQUITO!”
Kids love it, adults love it, I love it. So yes I sat down, drew Mr. Coquito under the rumbling of the subway, and then proceeded with buying myself a large cup of coquito.

Eddie Peña

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  1. michele

    OH MY GOD! I was JUST talking about my fondest memories of Coquito and our favorite ‘ coconut icy man’ on 182nd and Amsterdam. We found him every Saturday morning driving to Grandma’s house when I was little. He must’ve been 90 at the time, but OMG, he simply made the best! It’s in the air, I can just taste it. This might demand a drive to Manhattan. Nice drawing Eddie.

  2. margaret

    We had a “Fraco Man” when I was a kid. He made shaved ice with all different flavors. My favorite flavor was tamarind, a little tart but really great on a hot day after school! He parked his little blue cart down by the Post Office Square! I ran to this man!

  3. Eddie

    That is funny, we call those “piraguas” here. Tamarind happens to be my favorite too!

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