Community Support

Community Support

Recently there was a big fire in a building in my neighborhood; about 12 blocks from where I live. Many, many people are without a home right now, and the Jackson Heights community has pulled together to donate the basic requirements of living for these displaced families – blankets, clothing, toiletries, etc. -  to bring to the hotels they’re staying in for now. There is also a community GoFundMe page for their aid, that as of this writing, has collected about $323,000 of it’s $450,000 goal.

On Saturday afternoon there were a series of performances in the local park to help raise money for the musicians who lived in the building and had lost their instruments; I heard specifically about a mariachi group. One of the performers was this woman, above, performing a very traditional Mexican dance.

Another reason I love my ‘hood is the amazing sense of community here. If you’d like to make a donation to help the families, you can do so HERE.

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