Choose wisely


With 2 toddlers in the house I’m constantly looking for creative ways to explain some of life’s basic lessons. My older one is starting to feel the power of words and how demonstratively they can affect others.

A few years back I started working on some art inspired by Aesop’s Fables. My little guy’s new found expressions reminded me that the lesson in “the power of words” is pretty universal. Some might say when they look at this piece “Well these are just simply birds on a line.” I might see them as wash women gossiping about their neighbor or the enemy a 1,000 miles away. In reality whether we hear the words or we don’t, once the words are out there, depending on agenda,  they can hurt or they can help. Say something kindly to someone you think might need a little love today. Then step back and watch it’s power. – Michele

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