Canson Pads

Canson Pads

I recently had the opportunity to do a series of illustrations for Canson Paper, to be featured on their various pads. This is a drawing I did of cherry blossoms, with colored pencil, that is featured on the Canson Mi-Tientes pads. The pads are available in stores now.

I really enjoyed doing this one – did it at my brother-in-laws house in Washington DC. The idea of planting cherry trees in DC was first introduced in 1905 by Elizabeth Skidmore, the first female board member of the National Geographic Society. Eventually she got the first lady, Helen Taft, interested in the idea. Jokiche Takamine, a Japanese chemist (who discovered adrenaline) heard of the first lady’s interest and, along with Mr. Midzuno, the Japanese consul to New York City, donated 2000 cherry trees on behalf of Tokyo. (You can read more in the Wikipedia entry HERE.)

I love that the chemist who discovered adrenaline was responsible for starting one of the most calming things in DC – the annual appearance of the lovely cherry blossoms!

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