Bountiful Harvest

Bountiful Harvest

Whew! Just got back from a month of traveling and finally unpacked my suitcase. Spent some time in Barcelona, then traveled to Paris with the Dalvero Academy and finally wound up my travels by going to Portland as a presenter at the Urban Sketchers Symposium! This drawing was made at the Farmer’s Market in Portland, which is by the way a lovely city. The Symposium was fantastic, you can read my post about it on my blog if you’d like. And Paris with the Dalvero group? Magic!! The work everyone did was amazing, especially the reportage that was done at the Tour de France. Some photos and drawings are floating around on Facebook, you could check the Dalvero Academy page if you’re interested. And Barcelona was simply beautiful – love all that Gaudi and modernist architecture. Neil and I met some terrific artists there and we drew together at the same academy Miro attended, hope some of it rubbed off on me! (You can read about that in Lapin’s post here.)

So I’ve called this post bountiful harvest – harvests of all kinds that reportage drawing and illustration has brought me. My old friends and dearest Studio 1482 family, the wonderful group of young illustrators and artists who study with Margaret and I at the Dalvero Academy, the new friends and drawing enthusiasts from around the world that I just met in Europe and at the Urban Sketchers Symposium in Portland. Not to mention the joy I get every day from doing what I love, drawing. What a bountiful harvest indeed!

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