Being Five

Being Five

An a-ha moment at the Hayden Planetarium I’ll never forget.


This past week I was working on the beginnings of a new book project studying, hunting, and enjoying every inch of the museum when I came across a group of five year olds. There they were, (ironically five of them) all magnetically drawn to this one installation of what happens to a star during a supernova. Honestly, the image of the star’s explosion was awe inspiring at any age but all I kept thinking was what this wonder must look like to a five year old?

Yet the serendipity in it is that “the wonder” they were embracing was exactly what I had designed my book idea around all week. I guess (in so many words) I might be on the right track.

Maybe it is … just written in the stars.

’till next week, Michele

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  1. Margaret

    I love this drawing. Perfect for your book!
    “can’t stop looking to see what’s inside!”

  2. Kati

    Mich, this gives me chills. It feels right.

  3. theoutsider

    I love this sketch, it’s got that magic of childhood discovery within it.

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