Art Battles

Art Battles

art battles 1

They had this thing called ‘art battles’ in the park area of my apartment complex. These four guys had two hours to make a painting in front of everyone and the crowd voted for their favorite. The winner gets a thousand bucks. There was one guy doing a pop-art kind of Statue of Liberty thing, I mean, it’s been done but he had a nice take on it. The other guy in this picture, I’m not sure what he was doing but he was trying something somewhat cubistic in nature and I liked him for giving it a shot! Then there was a graffiti type artist, mixed with a bit of manga, and the last guy was somewhat of a realist, copying a photo for his painting. He got the 1,000 dollars. I didn’t vote for the realist, I don’t know, the other three were more adventurous. It was fun to draw the crowd though, and the DJ was playing a lot of 80’s dance music, so I had a blast! I’d love to create the Studio 1482 art battles event! That would be terrific fun. – Veronica

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  1. Michele

    Let’s go for it!

  2. margaret

    Art in the Park!
    Nice drawing!

  3. Jennifer Edwards

    Veronica, I really love the way you draw! Do you use multiple pens in this drawing? Is one brown? one black? one fine? one broad? Or are you using the same pen in different ways? I enjoy just about all of you studio 1482 folks and I visit you all often, especially you and Greg. Thanks for sharing! -Jennifer Edwards

  4. Veronica

    Thanks everyone.

    I agree Michele, let’s go for it.

    Yeah Marg, Art in the Park, our fave!!

    Jennifer, my boyfriend has a black belt in a martial art called “guided chaos” – I love this expression because I think I can apply it to my drawing as well! Basically I carry a mix of pens, brushes, all of it, and make my own pens too. Then I grab one to start off with and go from there. Thank you for your interest, and for visiting our Studio 1482 blog!

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