AOC at Travers Park

AOC at Travers Park

One of the things I love about Jackson Heights, my NYC neighborhood, is that there is always something happening.

Sunday morning we heard some kind of commotion at the park down the street from our building, and walked over to discover a mini-rally encouraging residents to volunteer as door knockers and flyer distributors for various candidates for the Democratic party. Our Congressional representative, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or AOC, was getting the small crowd geared up for the effort, with Jessica Ramos, our State representative, right behind her.

Most of the crowd were in cheering in support, except for one woman with a sign of protest and a man (on the right, above) who yelled out, “You’re a fraud!” That guy was quickly booed by the group, but then AOC engaged with him directly for a bit.

My favorite moment was when I saw a little boy watching the exchange through his apartment window – small lessons in democracy like this are so important for our future United States.

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