An Old One

An Old One


As I wait for my technologically challenged summer to come to a halt (scanner is on the fritz), I dig deeper in the archives and search for something that means as much now as it it did then. This is one of my favorite drawings from The American Museum of Natural History. This drawing, and the collection it comes from, were the start of several projects and led to a great job that allowed me to reportage the dinosaur show a few years ago. –Dominick

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  1. Veronica

    Dom it’s dino-riffic!
    I love how just doing something that interests you leads you to on to more…

  2. Michele

    He might be old, BUT OH SO GRAND! Nice drawing.
    Imagine what he’d sound like walking through the museum? On another note, I had an interesting thought (in reference to your technological plight) … it’s amaing how such a simple drawing can lead you to places you’d would’ve never known had you not explored it.

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