An Impressionable Feat


Impressionism Feet/Michele Bedigian

So I was going thru a few sketchbooks over the Easter break and I found this quirky figure drawing I thought worth sharing. In all it’s way it not only made me laugh, but made me remember just how many 1,000’s of hands and feet I must’ve drawn over the years. It was my teacher, my mentor, and friend the late David J Passalaqua who insisted on the importance of drawing hands and feet. At the time I didn’t really appreciate the exercise, (and the constant reminder that I sucked at it). For in their tiny way hands and feet are probably the most difficult things to draw on the planet. I know now one can never get enough practice. … He once said “IF” you can master drawing a hand or a foot gesturally, emotionally or provocatively you have potential. All hail those hands and feet!! – Michele

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