An artist colony thrives in the Old West

An artist colony thrives in the Old West

Far from the frigid cold of NYC, 90 miles south of Tuscon is this small (but INCREDIBLY dynamic) city called Bisbee. For those of you who know it, I feel the bond already. For those of you who don’t – IT’S A MUST ON YOUR TRAVEL WISH LIST! Combine the splendor of the Old West with New York grit, merge it with the rolling hills of San Francisco and the shadows of copper mines once treasured and you’ve found it – Bisbee, Arizona – and maybe me in 20 years living a dream.


The drawing above was done on a leisure Saturday afternoon a few months back while Chris and I sat in the Bisbee Coffee Co. and enjoyed the sounds of some Southwestern strings. Him with his “double up tall whipped something something” and me, the yummiest hot chocolate ever! – Michele

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  1. chris

    Great work. Keep it coming.

  2. Veronica

    Boy do I like this drawing!

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