Amsterdam Pride

Amsterdam Pride

Just returned from a trip to Amsterdam, where I was an instructor at the 10th annual Urban Sketchers symposium. Amsterdam is an amazing city; one of my personal favorites. The bicycle culture seems to have given every one of Amsterdam’s citizens a permanent mega-dose of endorphins, and they are among the nicest urbanites I’ve encountered.

As it turned out, the day that I was heading home was the day of the famous Amsterdam pride parade, which takes place on the many canals of the city. Pride on boats! It was an awesome party – everyone was having a good time and cheering the groups on as they floated down the canals. My main impression was that the people on the sidelines were quite mixed, gay and straight, and all seemed to be having a great time together without incident. I was in the thick of it, and did not get pushed or jostled even once.

My flight home was scheduled such that I had to leave and miss most of the parade, but I’m glad I had a little time to see the beginning of it floating by – including what looked like mermen and mermaids flying on top of long firehoses about two stories above the crowd, and shooting out water. How they stayed up there I can’t imagine. Must have strong leg muscles from all that bicycle riding.

Happy Pride, Amsterdam!

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