I saw a wonderful production today at NJPAC. I learned that when Alvin Ailey was developing the choreography for his productions, he drew inspiration from the sculptures of Auguste Rodin and Henri Moore. I drew in the dark but when it was over and I looked down I could see glimpses of Moore and Rodin sculptures. Especially the one at the bottom right! It makes so much sense to me that he did that.  Even in the language of dancers there is the word “lines” . Drawing lines with the body. I love it.

It was an abbreviated show during school hours but I so enjoyed the two pieces. The first, Nightcreature, was fun and jazzy set to the music of Duke Ellington. The top two sketches are from that portion of the show. And then Revelations was based on Ailey’s “blood memories”, Blues and Gospel. It was spiritual and oh so beautiful. ~Despina

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