Almost a Snowy Day

Almost a Snowy Day

I figured I would close out the next two weeks with a few more autumnal scenes. This morning there are traces of snow left behind by the rain that followed the “overnight hope” of an extended weekend. Winter is bearing down but it is not quite here yet. Whether bitter or a little less brutal, the weeks will tell what we have in store for the season ahead of us. For now the yellow and orange gives way to brown and grey with splashes of color to remind us life is hidden under every leaf and rock. —Dominick

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  1. Sheryl pond

    Hi Dominick ,
    Intense and alive! what medium and ground did you use?

  2. Dominick

    Thank you Sheryl. This series is actually done on those various watercolor postcards with Yasutomo Sumi-e Watercolors.

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