Acts of Community Love

Acts of Community Love

One bright spot of hope in this global pandemic has been the love that ordinary people are showing for each other.

Acts of bravery, by those working in our hospitals; acts of kindness, by those delivering groceries, sewing masks, and checking in on neighbors; and acts of determination, by those working to find a cure or a vaccine for Covid19 or organizing ways to help others. Everyone works together to get through this crisis, and mourns together for those we’ve lost. All of these are acts of love, and I feel thankful for everyone who is committing them.

Be safe and be well out there.

posted by Veronica

My neighborhood of Jackson Heights, and the surrounding neighborhoods of Elmhurst, Woodside, and Corona have been hit especially hard by this virus. Our community organizer, Nuala O’Doherty, has created the Covid Care Neighbor Network, a volunteer group that brings food, diapers, masks, and other essentials to those in need. They also make phone calls for those who are quarantined without access to the internet, and provide information about testing and other important city services that are available. They are working hard!

If you would like to donate to help them help those who are most in need, in the “epicenter of the epicenter”, please click HERE. Visit their Facebook page HERE. Thank you!

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