A trip to the Barbershop

A trip to the Barbershop

Barbershop Quartet/Michele Bedigian


Believe it or not my 4 year old had never been to a barbershop before last week. Since he was small I had always cut his hair and for the most part did a decent job at keeping those locks out of his face. But as his birthday rolled around his Dad began to introduce the idea of getting a “professional cut” for the summer. So off we went with all sorts of arsenal in tow in case tears of panic struck. Tucked away I had his blankie, a yummy lollipop and his favorite superhero action figure ready to go. Yet to my surprise it wasn’t so bad. Without sounding too dramatic … relief was heard throughout the land 🙂 Except now for the fact that his Dad hated the cut and raved when I pulled out the scissors for his little brothers stylish cut 2 days ago.

Ha!, maybe it was I who should’ve been collecting $20 bucks all this time? Have a wonderful Sunday! – Michele Bedigian

Above is a quick drawing of the infamous Main Street Brass Quarter in WDW playing away some incredible big band tune!

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