Spiritual Space and a Rose of Friendship and Hope for Haiti

Mocko-Jumbie-for-Haiti“Spiritual Space”

This is a drawing I made in St. Thomas, USVI, of three Mocko Jumbies.  Mocko Jumbies are stilt walkers who originated in Africa and came over to the Caribbean with the African people.  They are considered to be reaching a spiritual space through elevation.  Because of their great height they could see evil coming from far away.  They became the protectors of their villages, and in particular, of young children.   Please find out how to give a donation for the people of Haiti through CARE by going to the onedrawingaday website for those in need so that they may build a better future and protect themselves and their children in the weeks, months and years to come.

ROSE-for-HAITI “A Rose for Haiti”

A Rose of Friendship and Hope for Haiti and her people.

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  1. Wyatt Stalzer

    Besides donating my own money to Haiti, I will continue to pray for them. Lifting everything up to Heaven for them.

  2. Margaret hurst

    Thank you Wyatt, they’ll need your prayers.

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