A Lesson in Name Calling


So if I would have been asked, the wild dog on the safari I took this past summer at the Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World, I would have called it a hyena. Two things are important—I have taken this safari a few times in the past and I am surrounded by small things that love animals—I think I would have heard of this beautifully scraggly dog. More particularly I think I would have remembered it being an African Painted Dog. I am quite sure I have never seen this canine before. And as I rounded the turn in front of the little fenced in yard one of the pack got up and seemed to lock eyes with me as if it somehow was determined to make me lunch. Nothing personal, we all get hungry sometimes. My fate sealed, the caravan turned right as the pen the dog was in curved right, we lost our gaze and I scribbled a few lines to capture the moment. I look forward to our next face off. It was an amazing animal.—Dominick

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