It Takes a Village


Not as much of an event as the May Day Protests, but Union Square is always one of the best spots in New York for people watching and of course spending some time drawing. I found myself with a few hours to kill, an unusual event as of late, and nearby one of my favorite parks in NYC, so I ran to New York Central to get some ink  and something different (I was packing light and wanted to use the bamboo pen I found in my bag) and sat down on a bench and did some thumbnails. My view wasn’t what I had wanted so I wandered a bit until finding a spot that worked. Pure NYC chaos. I was so tuned into the drawing it took a while until I noticed the poor woman who had fallen just out of the frame of the drawing. Seems like a random doctor had stopped to help her, MTA employees were all about and a few moments later the EMTs pulled up. I am not an ambulance chaser by any stretch of the imagination, but I was compelled to draw the scene as it was such a true New York moment. Strangers helping strangers and totally engrossed in each others lives for just a few minutes, then, as quickly as it all seemed to appear, the bus was driving off with the woman inside and everyone went back to their normal days. I didn’t have enough time to blot this drawing dry let alone get the good samaritan drawing started. —Dominick

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