winter’s gift

winter’s gift

Sunday morning we made sure to set the alarm for 6am. Anticipating the first snowfall this season, (I mean real snowfall, the kind that makes you think twice before leaving the house) we wanted to be out, and out early, to seize the offer. We couldn’t deny that precious hour just as day breaks. With the simplicity of Sunday morning silence and the opportunity to experience it magically magnified by the buffer of  fresh white snow, this was the kind of day that makes it so easy to hear your soul speak.


We were not disappointed.

So today being the first official “FULL” day of winter, (as it ever so gently arrived yesterday around noon) I thought it a perfect op to share one of my mid Sunday morning memories…. With an arsenal of hot chocolate, a few pencils and my handy dandy notebook I drew my Dad, (one of my favorite people to draw) shoveling his way through the thick of it.

May the wonder of the season fill your heart with creative possibilities!  If Sunday was any indicator of what’s to come it’s sure to be a memorable one! Wishing health and laughter to all – Michele

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  1. Greg

    these are great michele. really nice series.

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