Roxy Paine’s MAELSTROM

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has the latest, and largest to date, Roxy Paine steel tree sculpture on its rooftop.  It’s beautiful and I’m going back with bigger paper to make a larger drawing.  This sculpture is incredible!  I overheard two ladies talking about the scupture, “It’s like it keeps growing and growing into this incredible creature!” All said with a very strong New York accent and undulating forward arm motions to describe the ongoing growth of the sculpture.  I couldn’t have said it any better myself!  I really love Roxy’s tree sculptures.  I have drawings that I made of his steel tree sculpture that was set in Madison Square Park on 23rd & Fifth Ave in 2007.  Anyway, will go back soon to make a bigger drawing, though I fear that it will never be large enough for my taste! ROXY-PAINE-drwng-2

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