Kingdom Under Glass, Journal of Empire Studies

Kingdom Under Glass, Journal of Empire Studies

One more of the illustrations created for the Journal of Empire Studies blog. This was a fun, colorful experience in illustration! Also, a little sad because of the subject matter.  The article for the blog is a review of the book, Kingdom Under Glass.  Kingdom Under Glass, by Jay Kirk, is about the famous explorer and taxidermist, Carl Akeley, who traveled around the world “collecting” exotic animals to be exhibited in museums. Akeley created the Hall of African Mammals at the Museum of Natural History.  So, here we have an elephant under glass, preserved for all eternity…

Margaret Hurst

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  1. Greg

    Amazing how you get a job related to the AMNH. Really nice work.

  2. Audrey

    Margaret, this is so beautiful! I love it!

  3. Margaret

    Hi Greg, I know, I love that! How many times have we all walked through those halls?! Thank you!

  4. Margaret

    Ho Aidrey, thank you, it’s a bright one!

  5. Evan

    I love this one too!!!! What a great series of illustrations so far!

  6. Margaret

    Thanks, Evan! Again, very fun!

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