Still Life

fruit Stuck inside by yet another Nor’easter, I decided to look around and make some art. Here is a drawing of some fruit in my dining room. I love making this kind of work where I’m just working on designing a picture. No agenda, just for fun. I posted the other drawings I made on […]

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Tis the land of many

China has always fascinated me. This is a detail from a really REALLY large drawing I did on location in Epcot’s China Pavilion. Check in next week to see the whole drawing.  Did you know … 30% of Chinese adults still live with their parents. Approximately 200 million people in China live on less than $1 a […]

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Last Day of Spring

A few years back on this very beautiful last day of spring I found myself looking at the masterful mid-century artist Robert Rauschenberg ALOT. I’m always in awe of how he created such fusion between type and image. I find it incredible and exciting …and yes (for many who know me), he’s genuinely left an indelible impression on all my work. Above is a poster […]

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Casual Sunday

Last Sunday while the weather was SPECTACULAR! we took the boys to a local park for some fun. There were plenty of people skirting about enjoying the moment. The body language between these two was so casual, so comfortable, just like the day itself. I couldn’t help wonder what they were saying. Maybe it was something like, […]

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9/11 memorial

Last Sunday my family and I had an opportunity to visit the 9/11 Memorial museum before it opened to the general public. Words would minimize the emotions that rose out of the experience. When I look around today though, there are blessings I am surrounded by that would not have been had life moved left instead […]

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Me first this time

So this week I flipped the ante’. I did little man’s portrait and then asked him to tell me how he felt about it with paint. Interestingly he avoided drawing over his face. I’ll gladly take that as a sign of approval. * On a side note, I’m TOTALLY lovin’ the expression in his line work. […]

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Prairie still life

I have always loved anything Americana (revealing, of course, my origin from outside, where the myth shines more enticingly. This is a still life composed of some farm life essentials--bales of cloth, an iron, soapflakes, and a vessel that looks like it might have been doubling as an umbrella-stand and door-holder for ninety years before [...]View post →