Pike’s Peak, almost

Rocky Mountains illustration

So I’ve been spending some time out west and while in Colorado I attempted to “paint”, with crayons, Pike’s Peak. It was really a great day spent with my son drawing until the sun began melting our crayons right on the top of the rocks we were drawing from. That was fine, it happens. But what […]

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From the Archives

Each weekend Studio 1482 will be featuring posts from the One Drawing A Day archives. Today’s post is by Greg Betza, from back in 2016. It’s titled “R&R.” #ODADarchive I’ll soon be taking a few weeks of vacation so I was reminded of this quick piece I did on the beach in Aruba a few years […]

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simple pleasures

Is that all? Is that all you think you’ll see in Aruba? Yes. In fact, that’s all I need to see. The horizon line. Anything more will be icing on a most lovely cake of sweet sweet relaxation!! –That’s the conversation I had with myself after I made this simple simple drawing before leaving for […]

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