New season

Spring is upon us…and I’m sure I speak for you all when I say it feels quite different this year. Instead of bursting out of our homes to enjoy the warmer weather, blossoming plants and blooming flowers, we’re shut in, afraid to breathe the fresh air, especially if anyone is within 6 feet of that […]

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More jazz

blue nile club NOLA

As I club-hopped down Frenchman Street in New Orleans I stopped in a half empty club called the Blue Nile, which quickly filled up once this brass/percussion band hit the stage. I believe there were 7 musicians up there at once. Lots of energy. I was interested in the blue and yellow lights for some reason, […]

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11:30am flight, wake up 5:30am, call Uber 8:30am, arrive at the airport 9:30am. Air traffic issue, delayed 12:15pm, maintenance issue, delayed 2:00pm, additional non-descript issue, delayed 8:00pm. Arrive 12:05am. Arrive at destination 1:00am. One of a few pages drawn while passing the time. What a day. Greg Betza 2019

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