hummingbird studies

They are hard to draw because they are so fast but I have the joy and privilege of having a free day to laze around on the porch in Colorado Springs and watch so many of these beautiful creatures come to get a drink of sugar water. All day. They make a strange high pitched […]

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Ideas on paper

That’s how I start my assignments. I put down my thoughts and ideas on paper. No matter how rough, disconnected or strange, I get them down…and  almost always the pieces start to come together. Here is an early thumbnail sketch for a recent job I completed. See how it turned out here: Greg Betza […]

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From the Archives

Each weekend Studio 1482 will be featuring posts from the One Drawing A Day archives. Today’s post is by Dominick Santise, from back in 2016. It’s titled “Into the Unknown.” #ODADarchive When I was a young boy I could often be found wandering the forest beyond the edges of our little hill top neighborhood. Sometimes alone, […]

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I was in Sandy Hook, NJ for a day last week with my so who was taking a class with the Littoral Society. They learn how to seine with nets and examine the marine life and they took a botany tour to learn about the plants that thrive in salty environments. I took a moment […]

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California Dreaming

California Dreaming/Michele Bedigian

California is one of my favorite places to visit. While doing some spring cleaning this week I found a sketchbook just filled with studies for paintings I had from a trip to Big Sur. Between the Red Woods and the ocean edge of the Pacific coast it can feel like a mythical landscape filtered with an […]

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