linocut moonbeam/Michele Bedigian

“moonbeams” is short for Moonbeams and Oops!, a children’s book project that resurfaced on the board a few weeks back. It’s been one of those personal projects that’s evolved with time and a labor of love. The thumbnail above is a lino-cut of a visual idea I’m playing with for Little Moon’s celestial ancestor’s who watch over her from […]

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thumbnailing moonbeams

“moonbeams” is short for Moonbeams and Oops!, a children’s book I started writing and illustrating in Margaret’s book class this past fall. I thought it might be fun to kick off the year with a thumbnail of one of the pages and share a little of the process. The thumbnail above is a lino-cut of […]

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a Darwinian moment

I turn the page and there I am, in an instant, back in time staring at an awe inspiring example of nature’s way … There HE WAS, an eleven foot! salt water croc named “Sweetheart“ . His size suggests he lived to be anywhere between 70 and 80 years old. Some even say it’s possible that he […]

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