Buena Vista

Louie's Ice Cream-Buena Vista Colorado

I’ve been traveling and keeping a small journal for the last month or so. Here is a drawing of a little town in Colorado called Buena Vista. It’s small but every shop either has very nice gifts and homemade items or really, really good food. There’s also rental shops for kayaks and surfboards, bikes, etc. […]

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Kansas plains and cattle

I’ve been traveling cross country this summer and yesterday I traversed the plains of Kansas. Aside from a few cows dotting the landscape, not much to see. But there is something beautiful in the golden plains and the multiple greens of the crops. I tried to capture that here, and a few cows. Greg Betza […]

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  I grabbed the nearest drawing tool which happened to be a sharpie and I started looking online for different models to draw. Their poses are always exaggerated and therefore interesting and the lighting make their faces so fun to draw. Keep on working… Greg Betza ©2018

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Great seats

Last Sunday, Easter Sunday to many, I spent with my son and nephews at Citi Field. We had front row box seats behind home plate, toward third base. The tickets were a gift and they were pretty incredible. Food included, very friendly staff, I have nothing but nice things to say about the place. It […]

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I like grabbing materials to draw with that I don’t often use. The different feel and look of the line lets new things happen. I drew this scene outside my window with a thick black marker with a chiseled tip. Fun. Greg Betza ©2017

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