…to smell the roses. I think I must’ve been inspired by Dominick‘s post and took the time to stop for an hour. I took a walk and found some rose bushes in bloom, and right beside them a park bench to sit down, how perfect. I haven’t had much time to “leisurely” draw lately so […]

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Oh Bernie

Oh Bernie. I can only imagine what was going through your head in this moment. So, you’ve become a meme. I can only imagine what that means to you as well. Cute ole Bernie. Look at him now waiting for the Amazon delivery truck. Oh look, he’s hanging out with the guy from the Sopranos. […]

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1 minutes

1 minute fashion poses

“1-minutes” are what these short poses are sometimes called. They’re great for capturing body language and design. What I find is that they tend to be honest and instinctual. Less time to think and only time to react. It’s great exercise for the mind and hand. These 2 thumbnails are from a recent zoom drawing […]

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