Democracy at work

liberty,freedom/Michele Bedigian

Spent the day in the city and it was not too surprising how much energy was vibrating from corner to corner. Strangers emotionally debating about the course of the election eager to predict their candidate of choice would win. We’re just a few hours away from the decision. Regardless of the outcome, I pray tonight our […]

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In honor of Election Day in the U.S., coming up on Tuesday, I thought I would post a drawing of the Liberty Tree in Walt Disney World. The fact that the liberty bell has a crack in it can only remind us that liberty is a fragile thing, which must be watched and guarded at all times. […]

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Those who know me and my work will recognize the theme of the garden as a metaphor for paradise (home). I remember eating strawberries, gooseberries, currants, plums, peaches, apples and hazelnuts directly from the bush as a kid playing at our garden at #28. This page is part of an ongoing project on the history of […]

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