Ink drawings of a basketball player in the Bronx. Aside from playing I really enjoy sitting down and drawing players as they play the game. How they each move differently and amplify their attitudes on the court. Eddie Peña  

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Character Study

  These drawings are a few from a series of character development studies. The creature was to imitate the traits of a predatory land animal. The art was then handed to a 3D rendering artist to who built it out and later implemented it into a mobile learning product.

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Day 37

Drawing flowers can be mesmerizing for me because I find myself getting pleasantly lost in the inter-winding lines and curves.  Incorporating the collage element was a bonus. It added a new element in the enjoyment of exploration.  There was a freedom in not having to make it look perfect, so to speak.  I hope to […]

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Day 30

This drawing is from a day out at Ochs Orchard in Warwick, NY.  My kids collected tons of apples and drank apple cider. Taking time to paint and draw out doors is just so peaceful. It allows you to appreciate the uniqueness of the world we live in, especially for us city folks. The fun challenge of drawing nature is […]

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Day 22

On Monday nights, my family and I head over to the Tracy Towers’ community room to learn and practice Vee Jitsu 75, a martial arts form composed of Tae Kwon Do and a mixture of various self defense fighting styles.   At the end of each class, Shihan encourages everyone to write and/or draw the movements they have learned.  These drawings capture our Shihan demonstrating an […]

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Day 15

Sketchbook Skool - Eddie Peña Day 15

My local fruits and vegetables stand has the most vibrant produce by the entrance. The peppers caught my eye, so I stopped to draw them. Then, I began to get the oddest looks from customers. They were unsure about why I was drawing peppers. Maybe some people thought there was something wrong with the peppers. That made me […]

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Day 1

Sketchbook Skool - Eddie number 1

As I went through the process of selecting objects at home, my memories attached with these objects made me excited to draw.  The jewelry box, which I recall researching arduously, is the first gift I bought for my daughter. In it she carefully stores jewelry, rocks, legos, and other favorite things. The xbox controller transports me to the moments I […]

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From the archives

fishy | eddie pena

Each Sunday Studio 1482 will be featuring a post from the One Drawing A Day archives. Today’s post is by Eddie Peña, from back in 2013. It’s titled “Water Colors Art” #ODADarchive The drawings above are thumbnails for project “Water Colors”, an ambient video installation by collaborating artists  Julia Sverchuk and I (Eddie Peña). “Water Colors” transforms Dassara Bar & Restaurant space […]

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