Past pastel study

Here is an older drawing of my wife, in pastel. I love layering the colors, it’s basically like dry painting. Or even more so like collage where you just place colors on top of one another. I always say I need to use pastels more, maybe this time! Greg Betza ©2021

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…to smell the roses. I think I must’ve been inspired by Dominick‘s post and took the time to stop for an hour. I took a walk and found some rose bushes in bloom, and right beside them a park bench to sit down, how perfect. I haven’t had much time to “leisurely” draw lately so […]

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Freedom of speech

I first posted this in 2018 as I was working on imagery to represent what I was sensing. I saw it happening not only in the press but also on social media and among friends. The list of things we aren’t allowed to discuss is growing. People are being de-platformed, smeared and demonized. I believe […]

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fashion illustration Greg Betza

Took part in a society of illustrators fashion sketch night last week. Here is a drawing made with ink. You can see a video of me creating it on my instagram page here:   Greg Betza ©2021

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This painting is not of a “river view” it is actually a pond or some other small body of water, I’m not sure…but it is located in Riverview, Florida. Hope that wasn’t too confusing. Liquid ink on watercolor paper. Greg Betza ©2021

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1 minutes

1 minute fashion poses

“1-minutes” are what these short poses are sometimes called. They’re great for capturing body language and design. What I find is that they tend to be honest and instinctual. Less time to think and only time to react. It’s great exercise for the mind and hand. These 2 thumbnails are from a recent zoom drawing […]

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