hummingbird studies

They are hard to draw because they are so fast but I have the joy and privilege of having a free day to laze around on the porch in Colorado Springs and watch so many of these beautiful creatures come to get a drink of sugar water. All day. They make a strange high pitched […]

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Balanced Rock

balanced rock, colorado

I made this quick drawing at Balanced Rock in Colorado Springs, CO. Balanced Rock is well, a giant red sandstone formation that appears to be precariously balanced. People love to do “the pose” where they’re holding it up. It is beautiful though, wow.   Greg Betza ©2019

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Kansas plains and cattle

I’ve been traveling cross country this summer and yesterday I traversed the plains of Kansas. Aside from a few cows dotting the landscape, not much to see. But there is something beautiful in the golden plains and the multiple greens of the crops. I tried to capture that here, and a few cows. Greg Betza […]

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While spending time in Columbus Ohio I stopped in at an arcade/bar and did some drawing. It was fun to see all of the different people huddled together for the common social activities of gaming and drinking. Greg Betza ©2019  

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Lights for Liberty

An illustration done on location of the Lights for Liberty candlelight vigil in Manhattan’s Foley Square last Friday night. The purpose of the vigil, which was held simultaneously in cities around the US, was to shed light and attention on the immigration detention policies of the current administration at the southern border of our country. […]

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Cape Man

Man in a cape illustration

Happy Fourth of July. I didn’t have time today to find a more “suitable or patriotic” piece of art, so I’m hoping a drawing of a man in a cape will suffice. Enjoy the holiday fellow Americans! Greg Betza ©2019

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